Frequently Asked Questions

What is iCard?
iCard is a J2EE based component with customizable UI that can be embedded in any JSPs or servlets to collect credit card information from end users, validate the input, format the data, send the transaction to the online payment gateway, process the response from the gateway, and shows errors or successful results.

Can I create my own UI instead of using the one from iCard?
Absolutely. iCard has a data model component that holds all the related data of the transaction. You can update the data model with input from your own UI and call the action object to execute the transaction.

Where is the configuration files for iCard?
The configuration files for iCard are located in the WEB-INF directory. There are four files, config.xml, components.xml, views.xml and events.xml, each controlling a differnt aspect of iCard.

How can I add or remove the fields on the iCard UI?
You can add or remove any input fields of the UI by inserting or deleting the corresponding <field> tag in components.xml.

How can I change the default pageflow of the iCard UI?
The pageflow of the component is defined in the WEB-INF/events.xml file. You can change the target of the event to any URL you want by editing the file.

Do I need anything else to set up iCard in my website for credit card processing?
Yes. Most payment gateways require the clients to use a private key for the SSL transactions. The private key file is given to you by the payment gateway company and it authenticates your identity before talking to the gateway. In addition, you might need to import a public certificate of the gateway company into your JVM's security certificate store. The reason is that many gateway companies are not registered with the JVM, causing it to throw an exception complaining that "no trusted certificate is found".